Day 10 - Muscle Pain and Twitching During Transcendental Meditation

So today, I went in for another checking session at the TM Centre. Did a group meditation, it went very well. And I went about my day after that. When evening came, I did my meditation again and this time something weird happened. My fingers on my left hand started shaking as I was meditating, but at the same time, I was still able to think about my mantra. After a few seconds the shaking stopped and my meditation went on as per normal. After a while, i started having pulsating pain on my left knee. At the exact same spot where I got injured while running. The pain was nothing unbearable and I still could think of my mantra. It was a weird combination of pain and mantra. Again after a few seconds the pain went off as suddenly as it appeared.

I remembered my TM teacher sharing in one of the sessions that there are some practitioners that experience this. Especially those with old injuries. According to her this is simply your body, or mind I am not sure which, is releasing stress. It is actually a good thing nothing we should panic about.

Anyone else have the same experience? Do share.

Below is an excerpt from "" by William T. Hathaway.

"During Transcendental Meditation the nervous system repairs itself and removes the obstructions so that our awareness isn’t confined to the surface thinking level, but can flow into the silent depths, providing deep rest for the mind and body.

In this physiological condition, stress is cured and higher states of consciousness experienced.

The process can be unsettling because as stresses are dissolved, some of their qualities may affect our awareness in the form of physical pain, old buried emotions, or hectic streams of thoughts.

Sometimes, the unconscious has to be made conscious before it can be healed."

Read more in the link below:

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