Day 7 - Transcendental Meditation & Physical Pain

" Problems will disappear as darkness disappears with the onset of light " - Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

So I begin this post by updating you on my morning again. On this 7th day, I woke up feeling grateful. I was feeling okay. I did my morning transcendental meditation. Again it was me against the thoughts at first, than it got better. As I was meditating, i felt a sharp pain on my neck for a fraction of a second. I suppose this is alright as I heard my teacher informed during one of my "checking" sessions that some people may feel physical pain in certain areas. Again nothing to be alarmed about, it is just the body releasing stress.

After my morning meditation, I went about my day. Had an "encounter" with my mother, again she went on about the wedding thingy. Although I was not ready to face it, I opened up my mind and listened to what she had to say. She was updating on the logistical stuffs that I had to do since the wedding is postponed. It felt heavy that the wedding that is filled with emotion is reduced to "logistics" . Seems heartless on her part but I guess this is how she knows to deal with things. Once she was done telling me what she had to, she did not stop there. She went on and on repeating things, I lost it and begged her to stop. Why is it so hard for her to understand that I need time. Luckily, this happened after my meditation so I had the ability to catch myself and return to feeling calm once again.

My evening meditation went well. I ran 13km after my meditation. It was a pain fest. I surrendered to the pain. I think I will include running into my routine. Running has been beneficial to me in the past. It has helped me in some of my difficult moment.

I think overall, TM has helped me cope with what I am going through quite well. Overall, I feel calm and more controlled. I have the power to choose positive over negative thoughts, although on some days it feels like it is hard.

I am grateful that TM came into my life at the moment that it did.

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