Day 8 - Transcendental Meditation & Handling Emotions at Work, Meditating in Public

For some reason today, I find it hard to meditate. So much thoughts and emotions and not to mention distractions. I went about my morning routine and came back to my meditation again. Unfortunately, my alarm went off and I decided to cut short my meditation as I could not focus anymore. I had to get ready for an explosive meeting at work today, first thing in the morning.

Normally, I would not react well when I know the meeting will be a disaster. I will be nervous and will not be able to appreciate the beauty of the day. Today was different. I somehow knew that my role in the meeting was as a "scapegoat" and I accepted and resigned to the fact. I was calm ad could control my emotions. Once the meeting was over, I decided to take the train and go across the border alone to do some shopping. I meditated in the train. Surprisingly, the meditation went very well. After a while, I was able to tune out the noise around me and go deep within. So it is true what my teacher said, you can perform transcendental meditation anywhere as long as there is a comfortable chair. Again, peace and calm returned in my life. I cannot seem to get enough of it. I am smiling as I am typing this.

The downside is, again by 3pm today I could feel the effect of TM wearing off and I had to struggle with my emotions and thoughts again. I started listing to Joel Osteen's podcast. For some reason I had already downloaded his sermon titled "Your Wings are Coming". In this sermon, he mentioned that "What god put in your heart, it is still on the way." "God wouldn't have given it to you if he didn't have a way to bring it to pass.""When you believe, supernatural doors can open." And my favourite line of all "God, my mind says I am crazy, people say I am far out, but i still believe what you promise is on the way." I kept filling my mind with positive thoughts, with the words of god.

"Sometimes the situation will get worst before it gets better." I truly believe in this. I hope he is not suffering too much and we will both be able to get out of this situation better than we were before. I know this entry sounds more spiritual than about TM but i believe that both are just as important. I think I cannot do one without the other.

Get this I did my evening meditation at Macdonald's after writing my blog. Surprisingly, it was easy to meditate with all that noise this time, like silence amidst the chaos. It reaffirms that peace and stillness is within us.

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