Transcendental Meditation and Healing A Broken Heart-Day 1

What a beautiful coincidence. Day 1 of my TM course is actually the first day that i broke off my engagement. What better way to really prove if TM works.

Strange that day 1 of my transcendental meditation course coincides with the first day after my break up. Is this god's or the universe's plan? Went for my first meditation course in the morning after ending my engagement the night before. My teacher went through the ritual, after which i received my mantra. I was taught how to meditate.

Is this god's or the universe's plan?.”

After meditation i felt okay but sleepy. My teacher said its normal, it is my body detoxing. Once i stepped out of the room i was overcome with emotions about my break up, suddenly felt the pain. I cried in the lift lobby while waiting for the lift. I cried in the lift till i stepped out of the building. I was then suddenly overcome by this calmness and awareness of myself of my surroundings. I felt calm, peaceful yet sad and accepting. Is this what the self help gurus like Eckhart Tolle, Gabrielle Bernstein, Gary Zukav, Wayne Dyer and the likes have been talking about? I was aware of my thoughts and emotions and at intervals i was able to detach myself from them, to know that i am the #consciousness. I quickly attempted to focus on the emotions, accepting it and releasing it. I felt safe but yet i am scared of this consciousness. I am being but i am afraid of being, how long do i have to "be"? If i am afraid of consciousness is that normal or did i get it all wrong?I dont know if this is part of the effect of the #transcendental meditation i just did, but what better way to test if #TM works by journalling my heartbreak and the effects of TM at the same time.

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