Top 5 Videos that Teach You How to Surrender

We are often told to surrender when we are in a difficult situation or when we want a dream to manifest. To surrender is easier said that done. Here are the top 5 videos that I watch everyday when I am going through a difficult time in my life or when I am trying to manifest my dreams. Surrendering takes patience and we have to go easy on ourselves. It doesn't mean that if you surrender for one day and all the pain will go away. I believe it is a work in progress, we have to put in the work every single day. So here are the Top 5 videos that I have chosen to help you with your journey.

1) Joel Osteen - Let Go & Let God

This is my personal favourite that I listen to every single day when I was going through a difficult time in my life and today , that day is here again and I am tuning in to his words every single morning before I start my day.

2) Gabrielle Bernstein - The Universe Has Your Back

In this video, Gabrielle shares her own journey on how she release control when trying to manifest her dream.

3) Oprah Winfrey Master Class - Surrender

Who else is the epitome of living her dream life if not Oprah. Here Oprah reveals how after she surrendered she manage to manifest her lifelong dream of starring in the movie "The Colour Purple"

4) The Difference Between Surrender and Acceptance

No comments on this. Just listen to it . "Surrender is like a fish, finding the current and going with it."j

5) Joel Osteen - God's Got This.

This last one is also a favourite of mine, I take turn listening to this and the first video.

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