Transcendental Meditation and Law of Attraction

So having done tons of reading thanks to my Jim Kwik speed reading program that actually works, my spiritual awakening quest has led me to Abraham or Esther Hicks teachings on the Law of Attraction. I know that this is not something new to the world and I haven't just discovered it. I have known about LOA years ago and have also managed to manifest some of my dreams, however along the way I somehow forgot about it or maybe even stop believing in it.

This time around though I feel that my experience with LOA has been different. I finally get the essence of the teaching. I think the best simplified version is through Gabrielle Bernstein's teachings in her book The Super Attractor which is one of my favourite books. The whole trick to manifesting your dream is to be happy. Be happy now ! No matter what situation that you are in.

So how do I manage to stay happy after having my heart broken. The old me would have struggled with this , the pre- TM me, but now with TM it has help me to enhance and keep me feeling happy and at peace despite the situation that I am in. This is truly one of the best benefits or even side effects of transcendental meditation, that it keeps you happy at peace and truly live in the moment.

I am learning or actually I trust that everything is working for my good and that everything is actually falling in place in my life.

I guess, what I am actually trying to tell you or rather share with you here is that, if you are having trouble following the golden rule of the Law of Attraction that is to be happy first and everything else that you desire will come to you, try Transcendental Meditation. It will help feeling happy easier or at least it will reduce your stress and anxiety greatly which will then help you to move up the vibrational scale. It is really an easy meditation to do, even for those of you who are easily distracted. It is way easier than mindfulness meditation, well to me at least.

I think it is safe to say, TM is the Secret to " The Secret" (referring to Rhonda Byrne's The Secret). I think I may just be happier now that when I was actually in my relationship.

Voila! Thats it.

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